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Legendary Hits from Yesterday and Today...

On Comedy Rock you can enjoy a fantastic collection of some of the greatest hits of all time ... all the time!

The very best music from the last 6 decades 24 hours a day on Comedy-Rock Dot Com

Hot Hits - Bringing back the Number Ones...

Comedy Rock gives your memory a jog with some of the most popular #1 hits ever recorded.

When you hear the #1 jingle, why not listen and see if you can remember the name of the song, the artist and the year it was a hit; then, see if you were correct by checking out our "Recently Played" page here on

Ultimate Rock Classics...

Hard Rock, Soft Rock, Alternative Rock, Indie Rock ... All types of Rock!

Here on Comedy-Rock Dot Com, we bring you the legends; the all time greats that should never be forgotten; the ones that make this rocking world go round.

Monster Powerplays...

Sometimes a track is so good that we think that it deserves to be "Powerplayed!"

It might be new and up-and-coming; it might be a great classic that brings back memories or something special from a Movie or TV soundtrack.

Another great feature on the station that brings you More Music More Fun Comedy-Rock Dot Com

The Funniest Comedy Cuts...

Comedy Fun! We have brought together some of the world's top Comedians with a daily selection of some of their rib-tickling gags.

Cheer up your day and enjoy the humour of some of the funniest people on the planet.

The Comedy Spot jokes come fast and furious, so pin back your ears for great laughs on

The Weird and Wonderful Oddball Spot...

There are some songs which are ... well ... different!

In the Oddball Spot here on anything goes ... funny ... silly ... stupid ... or just plain weird. You just won't believe some of the stuff we've found!

They may make you cringe, jaw-drop in disbelief or maybe, just maybe, make you smile or go WOW !!! All we can say is Good Luck and Enjoy!

Rock n Roll Greats...

Are You Ready? ... This is where we take you back to the era where it all started, the Rock n Roll greats from the 50's and 60's.

Chuck Berry, Elvis, Bill Haley, Dion, Eddie Cochran ... just some of the Great Artists and Classic Hits you'll hear on this popular feature.

Rockin 'n Rollin on ... Are You Ready?


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